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Re: Kerberos support for Cyrus: I need help

2002-09-22, v keltezéssel Henrique de Moraes Holschuh ezt írta:

> Will try with MIT.

As I wrote you can only use it with pop3d. Please dont compile it with
krb support.

> > curious, why does it need anything other than the SASL module in order to
> > support Kerberos?
> It can do group lookups for AFS, I think.

It can't do it directly. It use a helper program to sync it's own
database with the pts server. (The helper program is needed because the
pts server it not authenticated without an afs token).

And you have the same problem as with krb4 based authz. You should
choose between unix and afs-pts based authz.


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