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Re: Menu system rewrite update (Aug 6 2002)

On Aug 08, David B Harris wrote:
> Well, that's the entire idea of using a keyword-based approach, right?
> (ie: populating the hierarchy differently for different target
> audiences; for instance, two menu-methods may turn out not only
> different file formats, but different hierarchy layouts)

Actually, my thought was that menu-methods and hierarchies would be
orthogonal; you could use a KDEish menu layout with Sawfish, or a
really deep menu structure with fvwm, or a shallow GNOME2ish structure
with Blackbox, or some bizarre structure as a menu within Emacs (an
odd oversight in the current menu system, the lack of a menu-method
for any of the Emacsen), or whatever.  The default would probably be
an augmented (deeper) version of what we have now, but certainly
people could fool with that to their hearts' content.

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