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Re: Menu system rewrite update (Aug 1 2002)

On Aug 02, Michael Banck wrote:
> What exactly will that mean? I'm personally sick of having to stick all
> my scientific apps into 'Apps/Math' and would like to see 'Apps/Science'
> RSN. Is 'Scientific' just some sort of tool-tip or rather a proper
> category?

Scientific is a "hint" that can be used to classify menus, as are the
other category tags.  You can do as much or little menu segmentation
based on these category tags; for example, GNOME2 does very little
segmentation, which makes for an ungodly menu if you have more than
the basic GNOME2 installed.  (Exercise for reader: install
gnome-panel2, run parse_menus.py, symlink everything in
/var/tmp/debmenu into /usr/share/applications, and log into GNOME2.)

> Basically, I just vote for a seperate discussion of the Menu hierachy
> before everything will be carved in stone/policy, if possible.

Agreed; a separate policy will spell out the changes to the
*presentation* of the menu system (which will be only a default
presentation - you could choose a KDEish or GNOMEish layout instead,
or hack together your own).

My working draft (on scribbles of paper) replaces Math with Scientific
at the top level, and has submenus for various Scientific
applications.  Things that are mathematical but not scientific
(spreadsheets, basic calculators) will be elsewhere (Office and
Accessories/Utilities).  Once I have something nice and typed up I'll
share it with everyone.

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