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Re: Menu system rewrite update (Aug 6 2002)

On Thu, 8 Aug 2002 14:37:59 -0500
Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> wrote:
> George has added every single keyword I've suggested to him with no
> hassle whatsoever (although you'll have to read the XDG mail archives
> to find the changes... not posted yet on the website).  And Debian (or
> any other vendor) can specify additional ones, just by prefixing them
> with X-Debian-.  On the other hand, I don't want a lot of new, ad-hoc
> menu categories being added in 17 different directions.

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of after the spec was
widely used, deployed, and relied upon :)

I wouldn't want a lot of d-hoc additions, either, really. But from an
architectural point of view, saying in the spec "you must use only
keywords in this list", it means that implementations _will_ assume that
there are no other categories; so as soon as we want to add one, we've
got pain and displeasure. Yeah yeah, I know about X-*.

I suppose I can be happy with X-Debian-, though :) (Again, just like to
stress that I'm not suggesting we add stuff willy-nilly ;)

> Well, the Group keyword tries to resolve some of this difficulty, if
> you have a lot of menu entries.  (Note there is also a
> "TerminalEmulator" keyword, which will handle things in the current
> XShells menu.)

Did notice that, yep. Not really "bash", though.

> I also intend to allow people to manipulate the hierarchy that is
> output.

Well, that's the entire idea of using a keyword-based approach, right?
(ie: populating the hierarchy differently for different target
audiences; for instance, two menu-methods may turn out not only
different file formats, but different hierarchy layouts)

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