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Re: package and dpkg improvements to help autoinstallers

[Bdale Garbee]
> Does anyone have a list of the packages that are real problems in
> this regard?

These are the packages affecting Skolelinux:

 exim (#86210), postgresql (#127960), vold (#128014), gpm (#129070),
 php4* (#122353,#127961 ), ispell dictionaries (#123641)

Some of the packages now understand noninteractive install (the ispell
dictionaries), but we want to be able to configure these packages
using debconf.  This is currently not possible for any of these.

A fix for ispell is in the works,
<URL:http://dict-common.sourceforge.net/>.  Some of the other packages
have patches available.

We had to drop these packages from Skolelinux because of this problem.
(Well, we could not drop exim, but had to make a hack to avoid
blocking the install process.)

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