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Re: Special menu needs of user subgroups (Debian Jr. & Med)

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 08:54:04AM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > Yes, something like that would be sufficient.  Or perhaps Target-Audience
> > which could just as easily be novice, sysadmin, or whatever?  I haven't
> > really given this the thought it deserves yet.  Just figured I'd suggest
> > it while it was in my mind that it would be a good thing.
> Debian Jr. needs menus tailored for a special user base: children.  Andreas
> Tille also has a special group of users to cater to with his project,
> Debian-Med.  He and I are working within the curent menu system with these
> ideas:
> - each subgroup member should be part of a common Unix group
> - menus are one of several things that might be tailored for this group
> - in each Jr. or Med meta-package[1], the postinst will run a helper script
>   to populate ~/.menu/ for all members of the appropriate group
> - the Jr. and Med projects have their own top-level directory and the
>   Jr. and Med projects are free to structure the menus beneath these
>   top-level directories however we see fit

What about

- Perhaps X-Expertise-Level=(novice|intermediate|advanced)
+ Perhaps X-Expertise-Level=(junior|medium|novice|intermediate|advanced)

And use some kind of similar parser idea as debconf?

If a user/group has a request of a certain menu level, the parser
creates entries for that level and all the packages belonging the the
lower levels (i.e., if I request intermediate, i get also the junior


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