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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

Paul Baker <pbaker@where2getit.com> wrote:

> Why should that matter? Being an X server for remote clients has absolutely
> nothing to do with the video card installed on the server. It can be headless
> for all it matters.

Yes, I know. But:

1) When you want to push Linux somewhere, you have to *show* a nice
   desktop. That's it. People want to see something looking good, yeah,
   in graphical mode, so they can think the OS is good... They want to
   see this on "the new server running ******".

2) If they ask me "So, you Debian fan, are you ready to put a Debian on
   the server?" and I answer "Sure, but there won't be X, OK?", you can
   be assured that Debian will keep its reputation of shipping with old
   software, even if it is *generally* not the case with testing or
   unstable, which I thrived to make them understand (these are Mandrake
   desktop users). And that all future projects will have "Mandrake
   server" carved in the very first draft.

3) It is nice to start an entire remote X session (e.g. from
   Cygwin/XFree86, because some collegues work 95 % of their time under
   Windows, and are probably to also work with Linux programs soon) with
   a `X -query <server>' and I suspect that this way of doing things
   (contrasting with the "export DISPLAY" method) requires a working X
   on <server>. But I would be glad to be mistaken.

PS: I *am* subscribed to the list, please don't CC me!


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