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exim or postfix for home modem user?

I wan reading in the exim FAQ:

Q1403: How should Exim be configured when it is acting as a temporary
storage system for a domain on a dial-up host?

A1403:  Exim isn't really designed for this, but... 

Anyways, I'm junior home user Dan.  Every day I connect my modem for
20 minutes to my ISP to exchange mail and browse.  Do I want to go
with the woody installation default and use "exim" or should I instead
opt for the postfix I was using on Mandrake 7.2 which I am leaving for

What are the plus and minuses?  all I know is the postfix author
thinks it's cool to only put a paper mail address on his man pages.
However his software does seem to get the mail out.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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