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dselect first impressions

Here I list my first impressions of woody's dselect.  If you think
these are bugs, please file them in your name.  I'm don't feel like
submitting bug reports at this time.  I suppose I should try some of
the newer dselect alternatives.  Anyway,

regarding the "select" part of dselect:

can't tell if i'm on line 300 or 3000.  put a "300/6957" on the screen
or a "0.5%" etc.  maybe this needs an emacs mode to run inside.

want to skip to the next "--------" category. no key provided.

want to "/" search also on text at right.

after a "/" search, there is no easy way to get back where you were.

my screen is only 80 wide, I want to see just the name of the package
and rightmost comments, version numbers are just wasting my width.  I
am not concerned with versions during these first encounters.

i use the left and right arrow keys but these dont restore my careful
^B and ^F adjustments.

why in the world does the bottom half of the screen get shifted over
by the left and right arrow keys?  It already fits on the screen.  I
use ^F to get the package name moved up against the left margin, then
destroy that careful setting by hitting left arrow to see the lower
description. --- i used ^F because the upper one line description was
over line 80.

effects of ^F wiped out upon return from conflict resolution.

I make a + choice about a package---then I change my mind.  no matter
what you hit you cant make the EIOM part of the line look like it used
to do, even though "-" is the right choice in this case.  The user
feels like he's messed things up for good.

In the lower information field we can see version number of a package,
but no date.  i am a freshness dating freak.  i want to know if a
package is like dead since 1993 or sparkling fresh, right there in
dselect.  certainly the date is as important as some other lines seen

no way to write ones selections to disk without also leaving select
and thus losing ones place.

if package is already installed then we have no way to still go into
its dependencies window without say, issuing a "-" etc. 

ok, we chose "install":

why cant it tell us to insert CD-4, CD-6, CD-8, instead of some random

I selected icewm & friends, the light window manager, and had to load
CD 2, 3, 7, 4.

I have two CD drives.  dselect always tells me to put the disks in the
first.  Sure wish I could use both, as each trip to the CD drive is 10
meters away.

emacd 21 is on CD2 and the .els are on CD5.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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