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Re: exim or postfix for home modem user?

On 08-Jun-2002 Dan Jacobson wrote:
> I wan reading in the exim FAQ:
> Q1403: How should Exim be configured when it is acting as a temporary
> storage system for a domain on a dial-up host?
> A1403:  Exim isn't really designed for this, but... 
> Anyways, I'm junior home user Dan.  Every day I connect my modem for
> 20 minutes to my ISP to exchange mail and browse.  Do I want to go
> with the woody installation default and use "exim" or should I instead
> opt for the postfix I was using on Mandrake 7.2 which I am leaving for
> woody?
> What are the plus and minuses?  all I know is the postfix author
> thinks it's cool to only put a paper mail address on his man pages.
> However his software does seem to get the mail out.

exim is what we install by default for everyone.  It gets the job done.

postfix is designed from square one to be secure.  If you need that security
(web sites, etc) it is great.

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