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Re: exim or postfix for home modem user?

Dan Jacobson <jidanni@deadspam.com> wrote:
> I wan reading in the exim FAQ:

> Q1403: How should Exim be configured when it is acting as a temporary
> storage system for a domain on a dial-up host?

> A1403:  Exim isn't really designed for this, but... 

> Anyways, I'm junior home user Dan.  Every day I connect my modem for
> 20 minutes to my ISP to exchange mail and browse.  Do I want to go
> with the woody installation default and use "exim" or should I instead
> opt for the postfix I was using on Mandrake 7.2 which I am leaving for
> woody?

Exim is Debians default MTA and works. If you use autodialing you
might want to keep it from making lots of DNS-lookups (host_lookup)
and tell it to don't try immidiate delivery (queue_only*). Exim is
documented _very_ nicely in /usr/share/doc/exim.

OTOH if you have some knowledge of postfix I cannot see why you should
learn how to configure another MTA and switch to exim.  Debian
provides it as package and won't try to force you to switch to exim.
                cu andreas
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