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login, shutdown: woody vs. mandrake

In mandrake 7.2, "shutdown -h now" would actually turn the power off.
In woody it apparently just turns off the disks on my EPOX KHA8+ Duron
or whatever it's called computer.  I suppose turning the power off is
what I want.  What do I do?  What's the big idea behind just turning
off the disks, or is it just me?

And what will happen when I don't hit any key in woody for a long
time?  And where can this be adjusted?

By the way, on the friendly X login screen, "twn" is offered but
nothing happens.  Also one can chose "failsafe" but then can't type

I turned on GPM so I could cut and paste in the six tty on F1...F6,
but then I noticed sometimes I had mouse troubles in the X window on
F7.  Is there something to watch out here for?  On mandrake there is
no conflict.
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