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Re: Mozilla & Galeon updates in sid

> Is there anyway to figure out what exactly galeon uses and package that
> part of mozilla as perhaps gecko.  Then the package wouldnt be so big
> and galeon could stay in sync easier.  

Mozilla still is quite messy i think...
For example Galeon apparently needs mozilla-mailnews to be installed to
deal properly with mailto: links - thats ugly.
I guess that you can't strip much off mozilla which is not needed for
galeon right now.
You might have noticed that lot's of dialogs in galeon are not
translated - that is because the contents of these dialogs is from
mozilla, and cannot be translated within galeon...

The second problem is that mozilla kept changing APIs, so galeon has to
be updated, and the dependencies have to be kept that strict.
I hope that when mozilla 1 is final this will finally be over...

For galeon2 we'll currently need another mozilla in the archive: mozilla
compiled for gtk2.

Erich Schubert

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