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Re: Mozilla & Galeon updates in sid

On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 06:03:24PM +0200, seb <sebastien.bacher@insa-lyon.fr> wrote...
> > If you run "apt-get upgrade" it will favour keeping old mozilla to
> > removing galeon; "apt-get dist-upgrade" favours installing new mozilla
> > and removing galeon.
> Many users upgrade their system every days with apt-get dist-upgrade,
> so why force users to uninstall galeon ?

Yes, but users that run unstable should really check what they are
upgrading and should NOT be running dist-upgrade blindly. If you must,
then either do the little extra manual work of apt-get upgrading and then
manually apt-get installing individual (conflicting) packages, live with
their choice of using unstable or use testing (recommended).

> Why not wait few days to upgrade mozilla and galeon at the same time ?
> Or doing a mozilla's package to use with galeon ? So mozilla's upgrade 
> will not break galeon's package ...
> I think that many galeon's users would appreciated if dist-upgrade doesn't 
> remove their favorite browser ...

Many mozilla user would probably care if their favorite package would
be unneccersarily delayed. I personally use galeon and don't mind
an extra day or two.

	Oliver M. Bolzer

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