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Re: Mozilla & Galeon updates in sid

On Sat, 2002-06-01 at 11:03, seb wrote:
> > If you run "apt-get upgrade" it will favour keeping old mozilla to
> > removing galeon; "apt-get dist-upgrade" favours installing new mozilla
> > and removing galeon.
> Many users upgrade their system every days with apt-get dist-upgrade,
> so why force users to uninstall galeon ?

Many people don't use GNOME, so why force them to wait for Galeon when
they could be using the latest Mozilla?

If a user is running Debian sid, IMO they should have some decent
knowledge of the packaging system. One of those bits of knowledge is
that dist-upgrade removes packages, and in fact the basic purpose of
dist-upgrade is to remove packages. If they don't want it removed, they
should either run upgrade, or manually check dependencies, or heck, even
*read* the dist-upgrade information before they hit enter.

(Also, building your own Galeon package is easy, and looking at the
amount of by-hand X recompiling that's going on by sid users, I imagine
that making Galeon debs would be no problem for most people.)
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