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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

>>"Fabian" == Fabian Sturm <f@rtfs.org> writes:

 Fabian> I really get mad when I hear that the sysadmin owns the
 Fabian> machine and pays for its used resources. 

	So substitute ownner instead of sysadmin. The principle
 remain: the owner, having to spend real, palpable money for
 resources, (hardware, electricity, etc), may desire to have control
 over how these resources are allocated anbd consumed (in a nuimber of
 cases, the owner hands over the responsibility of implementation and
 enforcement to a systems administrator). If the owner needs such
 control, then the OS ought to be able to provide tools to meet these

 Inheritance taxes are getting so out of line, that the deceased
 family often doesn't have a legacy to stand on.
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