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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:

> The [Hurd] operates with almost everything in user-space. This makes the
> more secure. Running a lot of things in user-space is actually what
> every modern operating system does (and unix is not modern, it's 30

Yes, but that's almost completely unrelated to network issues.  Certainly
that helps isolate vulnerabilities (if someone cracks the webserver, they
shouldn't be able to get much further into the system), but it doesn't
help prevent some user from using your system as a spam relay (apparently
you think it would be "immoral" for a sysadmin to prevent this) or prevent
a user on the system from doing some kind of network DoS attack etc.

I think your idea that a GNU System shouldn't allow the sysadmin to limit
the freedoms of the users is pretty ridiculous.  After all, it's the
sysadmin who owns the machine, pays for the network connection, is
responsible for network traffic originating at the machine, etc...
Certainly if a sysadmin WANTED to give users free reign of the machine,
that's fine... but they're certainly under no obligation to do so.


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