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Re: where do NEW packages go?


This is completely the wrong forum.  The person editing the draft will not
even see it here.

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 07:27:39PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> If there's to be a "Linux" specific annex, and a "GNU" specific annex,
> why would you expect "Debian GNU/Linux" to follow the former but not
> the latter?

Now, that should be the GNU/Linux annex, and it can be the GNU/Hurd specific
annex to go with it.  How is that for ultimate clarity?

However, if it is about Linux in the Linux annex, rather than GNU/Linux, the
analogous name for the GNU annex would be "the Hurd" rather than GNU or

> (By comparison, we don't really care if people follow the Linux coding
> standards (linux/Documentation/CodingStyle) or the GNU coding standards,
> so there's no real confusion to be had there)

I am refering to what the GNU coding standard has to say about where in the
filesystem which type of files should end up.
> If you want to consider Linux-based systems "GNU systems", then it's not
> reasonable to go around calling Hurd-based systems "*the* GNU system".
> It's too complicated, it's too confusing, and it's too prone to error.

Well, a Hurd-based GNU system is called *the* GNU system since well, I guess
ever since, including a timespan before Linux was started.  However, if you
read our FAQ (I quoted this particular section from the FAQ here on the list
some dozen mails before), you will find that we also say GNU/Hurd where it is
appropriate and useful to point out the difference between GNU/Linux and
GNU/Hurd.   Which brings me back to my last mail, where I have already
said that the name in the annex can be clarified, for example by using the
alternative name GNU/Hurd instead GNU because obviously this is a case where
differentiating between GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd matters (assuming the Linux
annex is really the GNU/Linux annex), or by calling it "the Hurd" or
"the GNU Hurd" annex.  All of these include the "Hurd" qualifier, so there
is no ambiguity.


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