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On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 04:35:23PM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 10:12:57AM +0200, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> > > Frankly, it would be good if someone would add to the useful procmail
> > > recipes a filter to remove any executable attachments from an email
> > > outright or mark them as spam or delete them or something.  NOBODY should
> > > be emailing an executable.  A zip maybe, an image okay.  An executable,
> > > particularly a win32 executable is almost guaranteed to be a virus.
> > 
> > Well in the windows business it is quite common with self extracring
> > binaries. But yes it is a huge risk.
> Of course it is common.
> But not attached to email.  If it is common to attach executable content
Yes attached to email.

> to email (outside of the outlook virus world), then IT IS A PRACTICE THAT
> MUST STOP.  This is not just the rantings of one Linux user who is
Agreed. It is just not always easy to explain the problem... :)

> admittedly one of the most cranky and unforgiving of stupidity there ever
> was..  No, this is a fact in the hostile world of the Internet.  If some
> idiot user can't get this through his thick head, then we have the right
> and obligation to repeatedly pound it in until it manages to penetrate his
> skull just how absolutely stupid and dangerous it is to send any sort of
> self-extracting content via email.

Well I agree but maybe with other words ;)

> That is all I can say on this subject.  If you do it, you are an idiot and
> you deserve whatever hell you get for doing it.  If you're a responsible
Nonono. I don't, but as a system administrator I see a lot of bad habits.

> admin whose users do it, you will install preventative measures because
> you are a responsible admin and it's your job to know better.
> If your boss comes whining to you that he can't send a program this way,
> then EXPLAIN WHY NOT.  There are enough "reputable" sites out there
> (zdnet, etc) which have been preaching gloom and doom over these viruses
> for long enough now that even the most retarded PHB should be able to take
> the hint.

My boss accepts this, no problem. But it is a problem in the wild that
really important stuff (in self extracting zip:s) is sent over the
Internet. Right now we filter it, at least. :)


// Ola

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