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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> Sure they are. Hurd servers may have signficant advantages over Linux
> modules, but they have the same broad aim. The latter was even partially
> inspired by the former, aiui.

This is to misunderstand the goal of Hurd translators.  It is true
that Linux modules solve many of the same problems that Hurd
translators try to solve, but the Hurd is aimed at a far bigger
target: making individual unprivileged users have a certain kind of
control, and Linux modules don't really help for that.

However, this is not about Hurd v. Linux--that's a pointless war that
I'm not interested in.  (And, AFAICT, you aren't either.)

I haven't heard that Linux modules were ever inspired by the Hurd, but
that's interesting....I'd be interested in reading more if there's
something clear in writing about that.

> Anyway, this is all pretty irrelevant. If policy's not meant to be a
> stick, then people shouldn't be trying to change however many years of
> existing practice in the Hurd just for fun.

And, vice versa.  Some Hurd developers seem to think this is their
grand opportunity to change everything they don't like about
Unix or Linux.  (Actually, I'm involved with a different project along
*just* those lines--changing everything I don't like about Unix or
Linux--and that's totally irrelevant to Debian.)


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