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Does ScannerDaemon (that GPLed java daemon) detect all the Klez worms reliably?  Or does its database need updating?  If clam AV is not algorithmically at fault, then it means we can go ahead and package it.

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Matthew Grant

On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 02:59, Pixel wrote:
Carlos Laviola <claviola@debian.org> writes:

> On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 11:16:50PM +1200, Matthew Grant wrote:
> > Clam av usses the Openantivirus.org virus database, and its GPLed and
> > written in C! Check out freshmeat to get the tarball.
> Can this Clam AV detect the Klez worm?

well, at least some versions of Klex:

pixel@leia:~/docs/virus/new>clamscan .
./virus-I-Worm.Klez.exe: Worm/Klez.E FOUND
./virus-Worm.Klez.e.exe: Worm/Klez.E FOUND
./virus-Worm.Klez.h.exe: OK

./virus-Kakworm.html: OK
./virus-homepage.vbs: OK
./virus-hybris.exe: OK
./virus-Hybris.b.exe: W95/Hybris.PI.002 Hybris.Gen W95/Hybris.PI.001 W95/Hybris.PI.000 W95/Hybris.PI.004 W95/Hybris.PI.003 FOUND
./virus-w95.mtx: W95.Matrix.SCR TR.IWorm.MTX FOUND
./virus-burglar.exe: OK
./virus-FunLove.exe: Worm/Gnutella.MG FunLove.4099 (Clam) FunLove.4099 (Clam) FOUND
./virus-Gnutella-Worm.Mandragore.exe: Worm/Gnutella.MG FOUND
./virus-Worm.BadtransII.exe: Worm/BadTrans.B1 FOUND
./virus-magistr-b.com: OK
./virus-magistr-a.exe: OK
./virus-I-Worm.Myparty.exe: Worm/MyParty.A FOUND

(names come from AVP, virii from my mail box)

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