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Dear Brian,

Just working up an MTA virus checking stack using GPLed code (apart from decompression progs)
Based on clamav, amavis-perl-11 and nomarch, lha, unip, zoo, gunzip, etc.

Clam av usses the Openantivirus.org virus database, and its GPLed and written in C! Check out freshmeat to get the tarball.

nomarch is an .ARC file decompressor, GPLed.  LZW decompression is in gzip, so this thing is unencumbered!

I believe that we are home free!

Just go to hack AMaVis to support nomarch (should be simple), test it and then get it all packaged.  Can you help me with getting AMaVis packages done for postfix and sendmail?

Best Regards,

Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant	     /\	 ^/\^	grantma@anathoth.gen.nz      /~~~~\
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