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On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 10:12:57AM +0200, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> > Frankly, it would be good if someone would add to the useful procmail
> > recipes a filter to remove any executable attachments from an email
> > outright or mark them as spam or delete them or something.  NOBODY should
> > be emailing an executable.  A zip maybe, an image okay.  An executable,
> > particularly a win32 executable is almost guaranteed to be a virus.
> Well in the windows business it is quite common with self extracring
> binaries. But yes it is a huge risk.

Of course it is common.

But not attached to email.  If it is common to attach executable content
to email (outside of the outlook virus world), then IT IS A PRACTICE THAT
MUST STOP.  This is not just the rantings of one Linux user who is
admittedly one of the most cranky and unforgiving of stupidity there ever
was..  No, this is a fact in the hostile world of the Internet.  If some
idiot user can't get this through his thick head, then we have the right
and obligation to repeatedly pound it in until it manages to penetrate his
skull just how absolutely stupid and dangerous it is to send any sort of
self-extracting content via email.

That is all I can say on this subject.  If you do it, you are an idiot and
you deserve whatever hell you get for doing it.  If you're a responsible
admin whose users do it, you will install preventative measures because
you are a responsible admin and it's your job to know better.

If your boss comes whining to you that he can't send a program this way,
then EXPLAIN WHY NOT.  There are enough "reputable" sites out there
(zdnet, etc) which have been preaching gloom and doom over these viruses
for long enough now that even the most retarded PHB should be able to take
the hint.

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