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On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 12:33, Hilko Bengen wrote:
> So it is configurable now what unpacking programs are used? I am sure
> that a patch for this would be appreciated by the other AMaViS
> developers, as well.

Yes. It is. Although this isn't anything I have done (except disable the
configure time checks).

>From the config file:

$arc = "/usr/share/amavis/arc";
$bunzip = "/usr/bin/bunzip2";
$file = "/usr/bin/file";
$lha = "/usr/share/amavis/lha";
$unarj = "/usr/share/amavis/unarj";
$uncompress = "/bin/uncompress";
$unrar = "/usr/share/amavis/unrar";
$zoo = "/usr/share/amavis/zoo";

where the files under /usr/share/amavis are wrapper scripts that will
search for the correct program in /bin and /usr/bin (assuming it
exists). This script I created myself.

> That's nice, indeed. What were your own conclusions?

In amavisd vs postfix there was a bug. I have postfix configured to
immediately reject any mail to unknown users, instead of bouncing it
back. However, this check is bypassed for mail sent using

If I send mail to two email addresses, valid@somewhere (a user anywhere)
and invalid@snoopy.apana.org.au (ie. invalid user on local machine)
postfix would accept the mail, and pass it on to amavis. amavis would
try to send it using postfix, but postfix rejects the mail because it
knows that one of the users is invalid and doesn't exist. amavis would
return TEMP FAILURE to postfix, and postfix would keep trying to resend
the message.

The result? The message doesn't get sent anywhere (even to
valid@somewhere), even though postfix keeps trying to pass it back to
amavis. Each time amavis scans the E-Mail, it gets the same error again,
and CPU cycles get wasted for no benefit. After 5 days (or something
like that), the message bounces.

I have been told this situation has been improved in amavis-new.
Although I haven't tested it myself.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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