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On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 02:38, Hilko Bengen wrote:
> Thank you very much for helping me make my case for AMaViS-ng :-)
> <shameless plug>
> As the name suggests, it is a complete rewrite of AMaViS. With no
> build-time configuration necessary, it is way easier to make a Debian
> package from it. A debian/ directory is provided in the tarball.

Hmmm... I think my package does a reasonable good job of that, except
for the MTA...

> As the main developer, I'd love it to see AMaViS-ng in Debian.
> </>

I was told that amavisd-new was better then either amavisd or amavis-ng.

In fact, Luca Filipozzi <lfilipoz@debian.org> said:
    amavis-perl : the original (slow) one
    amavisd     : the client/server version
    amavis-ng   : Hilko Bengen's rewrite of amavis-perl/amavisd
    amavisd-new : Marc Martinec's version
                  (uses Net::Server, which I just uploaded as
    Here's the email to amavis-user where he announced it:
    I think that most of the Amavis developers will head in this
    direction: it's that much better, imo.  Or there might be a merge of
    amavis-ng and amavisd-new.  Oh hell, I don't know.  I just know
    amavisd-new kicks amavisd's butt :)

Personally, I just wish that they would get rid of all of these extra
versions and work on one and one one version.

(if you quote the above, please make sure you quote it to the correct
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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