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David Findlay <david@davsoft.com.au> writes:

> > Just go to hack AMaVis to support nomarch (should be simple), test
> > it and then get it all packaged. Can you help me with getting
> > AMaVis packages done for postfix and sendmail?
> Amavis is an absolute pain to get going, so could whoever packages
> it set up the debian conf routines to automatically set it up and
> running ready to go? Thanks,

Thank you very much for helping me make my case for AMaViS-ng :-)

<shameless plug>
As the name suggests, it is a complete rewrite of AMaViS. With no
build-time configuration necessary, it is way easier to make a Debian
package from it. A debian/ directory is provided in the tarball.

As the main developer, I'd love it to see AMaViS-ng in Debian.


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