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Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> > As the name suggests, it is a complete rewrite of AMaViS. With no
> > build-time configuration necessary, it is way easier to make a Debian
> > package from it. A debian/ directory is provided in the tarball.
> Hmmm... I think my package does a reasonable good job of that,
> except for the MTA...

So it is configurable now what unpacking programs are used? I am sure
that a patch for this would be appreciated by the other AMaViS
developers, as well.

> > As the main developer, I'd love it to see AMaViS-ng in Debian.
> > </>
> I was told that 

That's nice, indeed. What were your own conclusions?

> amavisd-new was better then either amavisd or amavis-ng.

Speed? Reliability? Extendibility? Security?

I take it you haven't tried to extend/change the source yet, i.e. hack
nomarch support into it, support for other MTA seups, then. ;-)

Or tried to feed a .bz2 from 2 gigabytes of zeroes through an amavis
with an unpacking partition of 150MB.


P.S.: Sarcasm intended, don't take it too personally. :-)

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