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On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 11:44:52AM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> I was told that amavisd-new was better then either amavisd or amavis-ng.
> In fact, Luca Filipozzi <lfilipoz@debian.org> said:
>     amavis-perl : the original (slow) one
>     amavisd     : the client/server version
>     amavis-ng   : Hilko Bengen's rewrite of amavis-perl/amavisd
>     amavisd-new : Marc Martinec's version
>                   (uses Net::Server, which I just uploaded as
>     libnet-server-perl)
>     Here's the email to amavis-user where he announced it:
>       http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=amavis-user&m=101745807930720&w=2
>     I think that most of the Amavis developers will head in this
>     direction: it's that much better, imo.  Or there might be a merge of
>     amavis-ng and amavisd-new.  Oh hell, I don't know.  I just know
>     amavisd-new kicks amavisd's butt :)

I can't compare and contrast amavisd-new and amavis-ng, unfortunately.
However, amavisd-new has some excellent features that the amavisd people
are pondering merging into amavisd (or so their postings on amavis-user
would lead me to think).  I haven't had a single problem with
amavisd-new.  My mail server processes about 12k messages a day, all of
which are scanned with amavisd-new and Eset NOD32 (client/server mode).

> Personally, I just wish that they would get rid of all of these extra
> versions and work on one version.

Yes.  It's a pain.  The amavis-ng upstream would do well to ensure
that he takes from amavisd-new any and all improvements to be found

> (if you quote the above, please make sure you quote it to the correct
> person).

Ok. :)


Luca Filipozzi, Debian Developer
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