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Re: No LVM in Woody (Was: writing a release announcement)

Quoting Matt Zimmerman (mdz@debian.org):
> I have only tried the Debian packages on SPARC.  If they are not up to date
> with upstream's latest release, then that needs to be fixed, especially if
> it fixes important bugs like this.  There was a new version uploaded this
> month, so I don't understand why it would be out of date...

In short: lvm-common had build-problems on several archs; this was narrowed
down to a build failure on sparc only, this was fixed yesterday (or the day
before). lvm10 itself does not have build problems, and is pretty current.
There is one new upstream (rc2), which (apart from fixing some bugs),
changes the build/installation system. This release has not been uploaded
yet, as i don't want to risk lvm10 making it *at all* in favour of having a
newer version in woody.
The latest lvm10 has been built successfully on all 11 archs; the latest
lvm-common has been built for all archs but s390, which fails, because the 
'*LINUX24-HEADERS-IN-USR-SRC'. This seems to be a buildd oddness (as #d-d 
tells me), so i'm Cc-ing the s390 buildd maintainer on this one, asking him 
(hi gerhard) if this is fixable.
After this problem has been tackled, we can expect a recent/working lvm10 in 

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