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Re: Recommending non-free software

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> > Simply because gtk+ support is newer and still not finished.

> Then the solution is to improve it.

I am still hoping that gtk support will improve, but at the moment, it
doesn't seem that upstream wants to spend much time on it. Maybe he will
some time in the future, but not now.

> [...]

> All this sounds like minor problems, if they are problems at all.  I think
> we should not value the GUI preferences of the author over Debian's goal to
> provide a completely free operating system to the user.

Well, but the author wrote the program, and he used the openmotif
library, and he says that his program works best with it. He provides an
alternative that doesn't work as good. Shouldn't our users be told
what's supposed to work better, namely the motif version?

> You gave him the wrong alternative.  If he abandons the Gtk support, and snd
> is worth to be used on a free software system at all, other people will pick
> it up and fork development.

It's good to think in long terms, too, but at the moment I think about
_now_. Now I think it wold be good to let users know the status quo of
the gtk version in the description of the package.

The upstream README.Snd does state that the motif version's better

regards, Stefan

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