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Re: Recommending non-free software

On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 07:47:55AM +0200, Stefan Schwandter wrote:
> Simply because gtk+ support is newer and still not finished.

Then the solution is to improve it.
> >From the README:
> Gtk+ is not as sophisticated as Motif, and the port is still somewhat
> new, so there are a number of differences and rough-edges in that
> version of Snd.  The primary differences are 1) Gtk+ paned-window widget
> only accepts two panes.  This means that simple boxes are used
> throughout rather than panes. 2) Gtk+ colors are a bottomless pit;
> colors may or may not work right.  3) Gtk+ file selection dialog's
> filter is restricted to a simple string using "*" -- the just-sounds
> button of Motif, and the associated sound file extension list are
> omitted.

All this sounds like minor problems, if they are problems at all.  I think
we should not value the GUI preferences of the author over Debian's goal to
provide a completely free operating system to the user.

> When I asked him the last time if gtk+ 2.0 support is already better
> then gtk+ 1.2 one, he said no - and that he's thinking about removing
> gtk-support from snd altogether, because gtk is such a mess...
> And after telling him that for snd this would mean to be removed from
> the main distribution, he said that he would prefer no snd to gtk+ snd.

You gave him the wrong alternative.  If he abandons the Gtk support, and snd
is worth to be used on a free software system at all, other people will pick
it up and fork development.


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