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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 05:14:51AM +0300, Lasse Karkkainen wrote:
> So, I suggest that anyone, with enough knowledge and TIME, reading this,
> would volunteer as XFree package maintainer.

Doesn't the fact that nobody has openly volunteered to do so indicate to you
that there just aren't many (any?) such people?

> I am just saying what other developers don't dare to say, as it might
> damage and rip apart their magic castle. This risk must be taken, or
> Debian may die anyhow.

Debian developers are generally all _but_ quiet little sheep. Were there
cause for major disgruntlement, there would be major disgruntlement.
I submit the mailing list and bug tracking system archives as proof.

Let me put it this way: in the eyes of every clueful bystander, Branden's
reputation sinks from the starting value of, say, 100, by 0.1 with every day
the new version release is delayed. (At the same time there can be other
fluctuations in the imaginary reputation value, of course. :) Your
reputation sinks from the starting value of 0, by 10.0 with every clueless

> Anyway, no-one will volunteer as long as Branden is officially working on
> it,

Hundreds of packages have been hijacked in the past.

> so I suggest that the first thing to do is getting rid of him.

I can only laugh at this part :))

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