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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

>>"Lasse" == Lasse Karkkainen <tronic2@sci.fi> writes:

 Lasse> Hi!   (it's my first post here)

	We can tell.

 Lasse> You are probably sick and tired of this topic, but ...

 Lasse> Yes, it really has been three (3) months (!) since it was released.

 Lasse> Time to throw some gasoline on the flames ... Branden apparently is
 Lasse> incapable of releasing it. So, I suggest that anyone, with enough
 Lasse> knowledge and TIME, reading this, would volunteer as XFree package
 Lasse> maintainer. Branden's comments suggest that he just doesn't have
 Lasse> enough time for that.

	This demonstrates you have no clue what it takes to package
 and test something the size and complexity of X. It also shows you do
 not have the commitment to quality that characterizes debian. 

	You are, of course, free to package your own private X
 system.  After all, you seem to think you have a clue about the
 amount of work that entails.

 Have you ever noticed that the people who are always trying to tell
 you `there's a time for work and a time for play' never find the time
 for play?
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