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Re: Debian Press update

* Lasse Karrainen <tronic2@sci.fi> [2002-04-16 05:14]:
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 Why doesn't that surprise me?

> Hi!   (it's my first post here)

 And hopefully your last.

> You are probably sick and tired of this topic, but ...

 Grats, you did a well job at watching the calendar.

> Time to throw some gasoline on the flames ... Branden apparently is
> incapable of releasing it.

 Nope, he isn't.  You are incapable of understanding the issue.

> So, I suggest that anyone, with enough knowledge and TIME, reading
> this, would volunteer as XFree package maintainer.

 So, start with it.

> No, I am NOT willing to prepare and release that package.

 Then shut the fuck up.  If you can't improve the situation your comment
is worth nothing but annoying people.

> I know next to nothing about Debian internals, and I don't have enough
> time either (with my other projects and a dayjob).

 Oh, now everyone let's join in a minute of silence to honor your hard

> Anyway THIS IS NO REASON for me to "shut the fuck up"

 Of course it *is* one, it's the best one.  Don't beat a dead horse - it
won't notice it.

> I am just saying what other developers don't dare to say, as it might
> damage and rip apart their magic castle.

 It is damaging the motivation of *anyone* within the project, not the
magic castle, whatever that might be.

> This risk must be taken, or Debian may die anyhow.

 There is a good german quote for that: "Totgesagte leben länger" -- I
don't know the right translation of that phrase, though.

> Of course, if no-one else is capable of maintaining that package,
> Debian is in trouble.

 Why shouldn't it?  I don't see any trouble here.

> In that case I suggest hiring a paid programmer for the job (if that
> should happen, I am willing to donate).

 You are willing to pay someone to do it?  Hey, thanks!!  How much? Or
no matter what it costs?

> XF is way too essential component to be ignored like this.

 It's *you* that is ignorant.

> Anyway, no-one will volunteer as long as Branden is officially working
> on it, so I suggest that the first thing to do is getting rid of him.

 Noone is willing to do anything as long as you are spreading flamebaits
so I sugguest that the first thing to do is getting rid of you.

 You don't know next to nothing about Debian and have the nuts to feel
true enough to be able to judge it?  Boy, you have a big problem.  Feel
welcome to my blacklist.

 Have fun,
ohne speicher, tastatur, mouse, pladde, monitor, also nur die Hardware...
                                  -- _DeadBull_ in #debian.de

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