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Re: Debian Conference 2 Registration

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 07:30:48PM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 17:54, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> > The thing I want say is: Debian is about free software, IMHO we should
> > not have such a prominent sponser promoting non-free
> > software. Especially as we probably don't need it.
> Jeroen, please calm down.  I admit that while the registration page
> could have been a bit more tasteful (i.e. less blatant advertising), it
> would be a very bad idea for us to refuse their sponsorship.  Debian has
> been accepting donations from proprietary software companies for a long
> time.  We should thank them for their donation, and continue our work.

We should not advertise directly or indirectly non-free software. I
don't say we should refuse their sponsership totally, but if they
provide hosting on non-free software I think that is a valid reason to
refuse it. Same goes for the adverising link, actually the URL of the
debconf 2 registration already advertised lindows.
> It's also probably worth pointing out, as you seem to see yourself as
> "the Dutch RMS"

You should learn to read, I've never said that. I only said that some
people call me like that on IRC.

> that the Free Software Foundation also accepts
> donations from proprietary software companies: 
> http://www.gnu.org/thankgnus/2002supporters.html

But they don't run proprietary software on their server and they don't
advertise the non-free software of those software companies.

Jeroen Dekkers
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