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Re: Splitting Packages [was Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar]

Ben Armstrong wrote:

Under your proposal, if I need even *one* package from a section that I
currently don't need, I need to include the whole thing.

Well like it is now yo have to include everything anyway.

 The granularity
is too coarse, and therefore only addresses the needs of a limited number
of users facing this problem.

You can guess that I don't agree but the point of having
granularity can avoid me, like many other users, to include
sections like games or for instance devel if Im not interested
in them at all.

What about going the whole way and inventing a debian package meta info
protocol, loosely modeled after NNTP:

I hounestly think that this kind of approach might solve
the problem but it will create others. First you need
to able to use this protocol (or meta protocol) behind strict
proxies, second building it on top of http requests will simply
overload the mirrors with thounsand of requests from each client
against the few that actually take place.


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