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Re: Open source VOCAL software from www.vovida.org

>>>>> On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 20:43:03 -0800
>>>>> "Raghavan" == Raghavan Kripakaran <rkripa@cisco.com> wrote:
Raghavan> I would like to ask if any volunteer Debian developer is interested in
Raghavan> packaging VOCAL software so VOCAL can be available from the Debian Linux
Raghavan> distribution?

Being employed in VoIP company I thought about this, but the source is
*very* huge and this, along with the fact that we are using H.323 as
our main protocol stopped me.

The thing, that could be done easily is adding possibility to build
debian package(s) on debian systems. Think it could be useful regardless
if we put vocal into distribution or not.

I am not able to be a vocal maintainer for some reasons. The main is
that me myself, I do not use vocal. We make some test at work, but
they are very limited, especially because we have H323 but not SIP
cisco's. But we have SIP clients and want them to operate with vocal,
other SIP and H323 clients.

Raghavan> Let me know if you are interested,

Think I am.

Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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