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Splitting Packages [was Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar]

Jeroen Dekkers wrote:

Apt-get can then simple look at the date and/or md5sum to choose if
the pool dir package file is downloaded. It could also be done lazy
and only when apt-get actually needs the information it will be
downloaded, probably this should be a configuration option.

Any new ideas and constructive critics are welcome, it's just a simple
thought of mine. :)

Jeroen Dekkers

What about applying to a similar structure that is used for main contrib non-free??

something like base admin net so that a sources.list file can look like:

deb <mirror>/debian unstable main/base main/net contrib/* non-free/web

where * means all the sub categories that belongs to contrib.
at this point I think 2 problems can be solved in one shot:

1) reducing the size of Packages
2) give the end user a higher flexibility in selecting pkgs
(EX: why do I need to have gnome-audio if Im installing a dns server?? maybe on
   an old i386??? ;) )
3) Im tempt to say reducing network load but.. well.. that's another story.

It's obvious that your sources.list get more complex to handle but we also
have really nice tools like debconf to help users, don't we???


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