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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 10:23:28PM -0800, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> "Adam Majer" <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:
> > This is NOT about _censorware_ or other crap like that. It about making
> > the Packages file less than a gig. Why the hell do we even have 386 as
> > a platform? or m64k? When you need tons of ram just to load Packages?
> Ah, that's a different problem.
> It was once said on Usenet: "we can't add that group, because rn can
> only support N groups" (rn used a static array).
> But that was a bug in rn.  It may well be that it's time for Debian to
> think about how to split up the Packages file so it doesn't require
> re-downloading the entire database on every update to it.
> Do you have suggestions about how to fix that problem?

I was already thinking about splitting up the Package file, the reason
was to make distribution creating easier. But it's also nice to speed
up apt-get of course. :) Of course there will probably be a lot of
issues about my idea because I haven't thought about it that much.

The basic idea was to give every source package it's own package file,
i.e. in every pool/main/f/foobar directory there will be a file having
much of the data currently in the big Package file.

The big package file would have only a few things. I was thinking
about the pool directory (main/f/foobar), the version of the
package(s) in that pool, the md5sum of the package file in the pool
directory and the last time it was updated.

Apt-get can then simple look at the date and/or md5sum to choose if
the pool dir package file is downloaded. It could also be done lazy
and only when apt-get actually needs the information it will be
downloaded, probably this should be a configuration option.

Any new ideas and constructive critics are welcome, it's just a simple
thought of mine. :)

Jeroen Dekkers
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