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Re: Debian Organization

On Sun, 2002-02-03 at 23:49, Gergely Nagy wrote:
>    If you are interested in maintaining packages, then you should look
>    at our Work-Needing and Prospective Packages list to see what
>    packages need maintainers. Taking over someone else's package is
>    the best way to start out as a developer as you can learn from what
>    the previous maintainer has already done.
What about using the bug system as a To-do list? we can use wnpp not
only for requesting packaging of some programs, but also for other
works, i.e.: development of the new installing system, work on the
website and so on.
We can create other types of wnpp bugs, for example:
* wn work needed: quite generic
* tn translation needed
* coordination
* quality control
* public relations
* advertizing (...ehehe)

We can make a list of possible works needed not "package related"
(website, translation installation...), then ask each developer to
"subscribe" to a particular kind, to receive all the bugs filed in its
field of choice. This way we'll have many developer at least informed of
the work that "has to be done" that it's not package related.

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