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Re: Debian Organization

Well, I don't really know anything about Debian, but here's my, ehh, 

It seems like the only real way to become a Debian developer is to package 
something and get a sponsor etc. So every developer has at least one package. 
New developers end up packaging my-useless-utility_0.1-1.i386.deb (7.6k). 

Projects like XFree (a different animal admittedly) sign up developers who 
submit fixes. Maybe it would be more productive if developers were encouraged 
to join not to package, because let's face it, the majority of useful and 
reasonably mature Linux software is in Debian, but to do other things e.g. 
QA, web development. Yeah, it's not sexy work and probably no-one would sign 
up for it, but it beats having another package that no-one (even the 
maintainer) really cares about.

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