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shlibs file and their weird signs.

Package: libpcap0
Version: 0.6.2-2

I've seen the shlibs file and I noticed that it has:

libpcap 0 libpcap0 (>= 0.6.1-1), libpcap0 (<< 0.7.0)

I think this is broken behavior.
This seems unnecessary to limit libpcap0 (<< 0.7.0),
if compatibility is going to be lost, the libpcap0 package
can be renamed to another package name, and the new package
can conflict with the old one (or the soname updated).

And, it will not survive an epoch, so a package with
version 2:0.6.1-2 will not be able to satisfy this dependency.

This package is setting a confusing example to 
others, please fix this.


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