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Debian Organization

I've been following with some interest the recent discussions regarding the release of Woody and the problems that must still be overcome. In my opinion, Debian is becoming unmaintainable. There are way too many packages; many of them are probably used by very few users. It's become too easy for a new package to get added to the system. Debian is losing it's focus. Instead of developing a complete Unix-like operating system, it seems likes it's now just distributing a lot of useless software. I'm fast losing interest in Debian, and I think the Debian project needs to re-evaluate it's priorities. Mechanisms need to be put in place to make it more difficult to add software to the archive. Packages that serve only a tiny audience should be removed from the archive. Orphaned packages, unless they serve a critical need of the system as a whole, should also be removed. If developers want to distribute their software, let them upload them to an FTP server, or create an account on SourceForge. Unless a software package adds some significant to new feature or functionality to the operating system as a whole, it shouldn't be added to the archive. If something is not done soon, Debian will eventually reach a point where it is no longer maintainable due to the overwhelming number of packages it provides.

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