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Re: Debian Organization

> It seems like the only real way to become a Debian developer is to
> package something and get a sponsor etc. So every developer has at
> least one package.  New developers end up packaging
> my-useless-utility_0.1-1.i386.deb (7.6k).

That is not true, and even our new-maintainer pages disagree with
you. An applicant is allowed (and actually he is encouraged) to pick
up an orphaned package. That way, he can demonstrate his skills while
not adding new and useless packages to the distribution, but fix
something that is already in.

Furthermore, some of the Debian developers didn't apply to become
packagers, but to port our packages to different architectures. Some
of them don't maintain anything, and that is allowed, and useful too.

The only problem I see is that most people don't realize that in order
to be part of Debian, you don't need to introduce a new package. I
think we should make this more clear..

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