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Re: Debian Organization

> It seems like the only real way to become a Debian developer is to package 
> something and get a sponsor etc. So every developer has at least one package. 
> New developers end up packaging my-useless-utility_0.1-1.i386.deb (7.6k). 

You don't need to be a Debian Developer to contribute.
Being a Debian Developer is just a coolness-factor (tm).
You can fix bugs to packages as good as a Debian Developer and submit
them to the bugtracking, and you can even do sponsored

Actually, there's no requirement that you make a package for becoming a
Debian Maintainer. The Package i did for my AM was already in Debian; i
proved my skills by packaging it in a different way, without Debhelper.

There have been calls for more Sponsors, and that's the thing Debian
really need, not just more Maintainers.

Currently the best way to contribute to Debian is by fixing bugs.

my 2¢


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