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New ISC DHCP v2 packages available - please test

Hi guys,

We have new dhcp* packages available. They are for version 2 of the
ISC DHCP package. Lots of bugs are fixed with these packages,
including the removal of the infamous run_dhcp variable from
/etc/init.d/dhcp. Interface specification for dhcpd is done via
/etc/default/dhcp. Interface configuration for dhclient should
continue to be done via /etc/network/interfaces or

The packages still have kernel 2.0.x support, but I'd like to get rid
of it. Only one person mentioned he doesn't use 2.0.x kernels but that
he would like support for them to stay.

Please give these new packages a whirl and let me know if you find any
problems or if there's anything we're still missing. If everything
turns out OK I'll upload the new packages to unstable. Then we will
focus on uploading to unstable the new ISC DHCP v3 packages. Matt
Zimmerman and I decided that we will leave the version 2 package
coexist with the version 3 packages by uploading the v3 packages as

The new v2 packages are at:




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