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Re: Debian Organization

On Sunday 03 Feb 2002 2:55 pm, Erich Schubert wrote:

> You don't need to be a Debian Developer to contribute.
> Being a Debian Developer is just a coolness-factor (tm).

Yeah, it's a payback, it's a mark of respect. People can hopefully take pride
in being a Debian developer.

> You can fix bugs to packages as good as a Debian Developer and submit
> them to the bugtracking, and you can even do sponsored
> Non-Maintainer-Uploads.

Admittedly, but getting a sponsor is not easy, as you point out yourself.

> Currently the best way to contribute to Debian is by fixing bugs.

I think most people would agree. All I am saying is that being a Debian 
developer might be useful for some people who want to fix bugs e.g. to avoid 
the need to sponsor NMUs, to be able to use stranger architectures like ARM 
which may be useful in fixing, for example, build bugs. Bug fixing is seen as 
a second class activity to packaging, which is IMO wrong.

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