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Re: fun with libgal

kitame@northeye.org (Takuo KITAME) cum veritate scripsit:

> JU> Takuo, what was your opinion about not naming "gal" source package
> JU> with version numbers ?
> I don't want to maintain old libraries.
> If it is really needed, I'll do.
> But almost packages depends on gal can be rebuild with latest gal.
> I think old gal is not so needed.

You can orphan old packages, and people who care about old ones
can maintain it. 
It will add a workload in that one has to ask for removal of 
old libgal when it is no longer used.

And also another change on libgal part would be necessary:
libgal-dev -> libgalXX-dev

Thinking that some people are doing static links,
it would be better to keep old libraries around.


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