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Re: fun with libgal

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jose@jaimedelamo.eu.org> cum veritate scripsit:

>   The problem with libgal is not only trying to follow it, and have to
>  recompile a new package each time a new libgal is uploaded in Debian,
>  but also that as libgal changes from time to time the API, I can face
>  one day with a libgalxx which does not match the API of my package
>  (what, btw, has yet happened with Ximian Setup Tools 0.6.0)

Takuo, what was your opinion about not naming "gal" source package
with version numbers ?

Wouldn't it help the "testing" distribution
(except for the size of archive?)
if there was gal18 and gal19 simultaneously, in archive.

Would it be too inconvenient to orphan older version of gal every time
when a new soname appears ?


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