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Re: Depends frustration

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 02:51:41PM -0800, Yves Arrouye wrote:
> Hmmm. For libraries it is a big pain. I remember having issues with libpng2
> too, who was basically deselecting all of KDE when chosen. How hard would
> that be to change in dpkg so that provides: with matching versions could
> work too?

It may happen one day, but don't rely on it. It certainly won't happen
any day soon. (Note that apt, the testing scripts, and anything else
that deals with package relationships all need to be modified and tested
before such things'll be allowed in the distribution at all)

In the meantime, you get to either:

	* Just have the one library (clean, easy, works)
	* Have both libraries, but force packages to choose which they
	  use (works, fairly clean, a bit inconsistent)
	* Change the shlibdeps of both libraries to have the dependency
	  be "libfoo1 (>= bar) | libfoox1 (>= baz)" and have the two libraries
	  Conflict: (as long as the libs are binary compatible, it works,
	  it's reliable, but all packages need to be rebuilt or some people'll
	  still be forced to use libfoo1 instead of libfoox1)
	* Change the behaviour of the second lib to dpkg-divert the files from
	  the first lib, and Depend: on that package. (if they're compatible,
	  it's a drop in replacement, but it's easy to screw up)

You're probably overestimating the two libraries actual binary
compatability too. :-/


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